Fourth of July Cookout Menu Ideas

Planning a Fourth of July cookout to showcase your patriotic pride? Celebrate independence with good taste by wowing your guests with these dynamite recipes for the main course, sides, drinks, and desserts.

The Main Event – Cookout Entrees

In Minnesota, we like cheese in our burgers. Hello, Juicy Lucy! So these cheese-stuffed burgers from Napoleon are definitely on our cookout menu. Will your attendees ask for seconds? You betcha!

burgers on Napoleon grill
Image via Napoleon

What is a summer cookout without ribs on the grill? Try Napoleon’s smoky maple ribs recipe. Of course part of being a host with the most is catering to your guests’ dietary needs. This black bean burger recipe from Beko provides a tasty vegetarian option!

BBQ Side Dishes

What you serve on the side is just as important as what you cook on the grill. Add the following ideas to your cookout menu. Spice up your potato salad with this healthy version made with pesto.

pesto potato salad
Image via KitchenAid

Then your guests won’t feel as bad piling their plates with macaroni and cheese! Add some flair with this colorful veggie pizza recipe from GE.

Delectable Desserts

Don’t fire down the grill just yet! These grilled peaches with raspberry yogurt are a fun, fresh dessert option.

Incorporate some red, white and blue into the menu with these patriotic cupcakes:

Summer Drinks

All that food and nothing to wash it down with? Not at your party! Quench your guests’ thirst with refreshing fruit infused water. Use blueberries, strawberries and pineapple to add to the theme.

sliced strawberry and blueberries

If you really want to kick the party up a notch, the adults will love these simple lime margaritas!

Last but not least, celebrate responsibly, have fun and thank a service member.

We love to see what you’re cooking! Share your festive feast photos with the tag #cookwithwarners.

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